5. Banana Co. by Radiohead

Perhaps we have at least once in our ‘reading career’ wondered how our favorite novels would ‘sound’ like. In other words, if there were a song to depict the plot and the characters of a certain book, which one would it be? After reading a book which had left us breathless we often wish either to find out more about its author and get our hands on his/hers other works, or find out if there’s a movie, or believe it or not, if there’s a song written about it. The bond between music and literature is something famous singers are very well acquainted with; what’s more, the greatest literary works of all times are hidden in some of the greatest music hits which melodies we‘re used to whistle without even knowing what they are about.

The first album of the band Radiohead came out in 1993 named Pop is Dead on which Banana Co. is to be found. This song was also released in 1996 on the Street Spirit, whereas its acoustic version could be found on the album EP.
One Hundred Years of Solitude. The novel by Gabriel García Márquez describes how modernity casts a shadow over traditional values and thus the gap between old and new ways of life exists; we come across that shadow while listening to the song. What gives this song a tone of melancholy and yet hope is the part of the book about shutting down of the banana plantation which inevitably has grave consequences on a blooming town Macondo.


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