10. His real name isn’t Steph

Steph Curry scores 54 points “,

Warriors star Steph Curry named NBA MVP”,

NBA 2015: MVP Steph Curry battles king James for the crown”…

A name that continues to grab headlines not only last few days but the whole year,  insane shooter, record breaker and one of the best guards these days-Golden State Warrior’s-Steph Curry.

You all heard of him (at least I hope you had) but do you really know something about this guy beside the fact he is one of the best in his job?

Ok, you surly can think about something but for the start let’s get your attention with a fact number 5.

Believe it or not his real name isn’t Steph and no… it’s not Stephen either. His full name is Wardell Stephen Curry II.  His father, Dell Curry,  who was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Virginia Tech, before being drafted to the NBA by the Utah Jazz,  shortened his first name and Stephen also shortened his middle name to Steph. Speaking of his dad, we should also mention fact that he wore No. 30 as well as his son.

Now when you really know who are we talking about, we can get to next fact.


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