Top 10: Tips to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Quote

Your personal information dictates your insurance quotes

2.Be sure to use as accurate info as you can when applying for the car insurance

Sometimes, your profession or other private info can have a great impact on your rates, so be sure to give as accurate data as you can. While you might be reluctant to give out your info to strangers (as you well should), most online referrals require only basic information about you that is readily available to most companies you have contact with online.


Giving out more accurate info simply means that you can get a more accurate car insurance quote. Always be wary of giving out personal information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and so on. Do not give away any info that can be used for theft, or identity theft, unless you are sure that the company is reliable and can legally request that information. You can find a good guide on internet safety here


Be apprehensive of leaving your e-mail address, as you might be spammed by newsletters and promotions from the insurer or their affiliates. Although nowadays this isn’t much of a problem, as you can easily set up your spam-filter if you find these mails annoying. However, being spammed with physical mail could still be an issue.

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