Top 10: Startup tools every entrepreneur should use

10. Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design software

Design is important part of every startup process. You need to design your public posts, social media templates, banners, advertisements, business cards etc. Only problem is that many entrepreneurs do not have any creative or similar skills related to professional editing or design. When you work on a budget that cannot afford a professional designer, Canva is ideal solution for you.




Canva is a design service that makes design look really simple. All you have to do is choose one of the available templates or start from a custom-sized blank canvas and create amazing looking presentation slides, posters, pictures, banners.. for free. You can also use the Layouts and Background to get a rough idea of what you want to design. These features are full of options to choose from, whether you want a complete template or just a nice background to build on.



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