Top 10: Startup accelerators of 2015

9. StartLabs

StartLabs is not a regular incubator or accelerator program and they do not have regular batches of startups, but if you need support to take your startup to the next level, StartLabs is ideal choice for you. Even though their fund is new on the market, they are ambitiously focused to support entrepreneurs and their ideas. I personally had the opportunity to visit their offices and meet one of their partners. All I can say is: Definitely recommended!

As it states on their websites: “StartLabs is a US based fund investing in startups from Southeast Europe We provide funding, mentorship, office space, technical infrastructure, business services and networking channels to exceptional entrepreneurs and their teams helping them turn ideas into sustainable business. We help startups to achieve initial traction. Then, grow these startups to the point of being able to raise true seed rounds. StartLabs provides initial funding to your startup and accepts equity stake in your company. All the teams get together and collaborate at StartLabs in our shared office space. In addition to providing stimulating environment to work from, we will work closely with your team to help evolve ideas and shape your approach to building a successful company. We believe that proper mentoring is key, so StartLabs team will provide access to experienced mentors from region and Silicon Valley on a regular basis to help the startup further along the way”.



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