Top 10: Siblings in Bands

10. Lisa and Jessica Origliasso from The Veronicas

The Veronicas are an Australian rock duo from Brisbane, Australia. The identical twin sisters Lisa Origliasso andJessica Origliasso formed this band in 2005, the year in which they released their debut studio album The Secret Lifeof…

The twins’ success skyrocketed with a release of the song Untouched.

The duo’s second studio album Hook Me Up was released in 2007, whereas the album The Veronicas was released in November 2014.

When they were very little, they used to participate in various music competitions at school with their brother and

picked up a few artistic tricks from their father who was a musician as well. The music has been an inevitable part of

their lives which contributed to their writing and composing most of their own songs and obviously making the most of it.


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