10. Stop dreaming and start thinking

People often get trapped in their own dreams, thinking only about results and benefits of their opportunities. Successful people don’t dream, they visualize and execute. They don’t think about ultimate results or final destinations, they think about small steps that will take them there.

You need to actively contribute to your wellbeing in order to see positive results. People often try, fail and they quit, but that is not responsible thinking, it is dreaming.


We only dream about great things and that is why we often start our entrepreneurship journey with huge expectations. Once we fail to achieve something we visualized as mandatory, our dreams disappear. Dreams should be broken down into small objectives and every objective should have small execution plans we will actively cherish and evaluate.

Brain is a muscle. Thinking is an exercise and dreaming is a drug. If you don’t train your entrepreneurship muscles every day, you will be atrophying. If you dream too much, you will overdose. Find a healthy balance, visualize your goal and start thinking about steps towards that goal. Stop focusing on your finish line and focus on your race!



About Vedad Mešanović

Entrepreneur, award winning project manager, startup adviser (4Posh, ItsMeSee, CyberChimps etc.), recording artist (Mascom Records/Warner Music Group), CSR consultant (CSR+), healthy living enthusiast, diplomacy student and active volunteer. Named "The Wonder Child" by regional media.