Top 10: Quotes that will help you become a successful entrepreneur

9. Ray Kroc – “Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.”

True. Hard work is something that people often call luck.  You do not get lucky because of some unexpected miracle, you need to create your own miracles 24h a day. Your decisions, work and determination define your luck. Yes, you are lucky if you win the lottery, no hard work, right? But would you ever win the lottery if you never bought a lottery ticket?

Ray Kroc (The Famous People): “Raymond Albert “Ray” Kroc was an extremely proficient American businessman. Once referred to by Harvard Business School as “the service sector’s equivalent of Henry Ford”, Kroc but had a modest beginning. Starting from being a salesman of multi-mixer, he established himself as the man behind the worldwide name and fame of McDonald’s with his mastermind. In 1954, after grabbing the franchise of small-scale McDonald’s Corporation, he transformed it into one of the most successful fast food operations in the world. He also utilized standardization to ensure that the McDonald’s food products to taste the same in all the outlets. Kroc revolutionized the American restaurant industry with the new and developed operating and delivery system. He was named in Time 100 as “The Most Important People of the Century”.”


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