Top 10: Nightlife Cities


10. Tel Aviv, Israel

Given the ongoing controversy with Palestine, Tel Aviv may seem like a dangerous place to party. However, nightlife in Tel Aviv begins at about 11pm with many heading to the clubs in the city center before retiring to raucous parties in the wee hours of the morning. In Israel there is a saying that goes something like this: “you go to Haifa to work, Jerusalem to learn, and Tel Aviv to play”.

Tel Aviv is Israel’s epicentre, culturally, economically, and especially socially. A young, vibrant, cosmopolitan city that stretches for miles along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, with a street vibe that is the perfect blend of cool trendy fashionista and laid-back beach bum, with a healthy splash of lively, chaotic middle-eastern charm.

In Israel a ‘chaser’ is actually shot, not a beer to follow a shot. And shots are always doubles (actually Israeli bartenders are extremely liberal with their pouring, so enjoy!). But be warned for some weird reason they rarely use limes in their cocktails, so I’d avoid ordering a caipariñha. They still smoke in clubs in Israel. Though technically illegal, no one polices it.

If you are after a drink without needing to dance to loud music then head to a restaurant and make sure to sit at the bar. As long as you keep eating, you will likely be plied with free vodka and Arak shots all night long.

Finally, cheers in Hebrew = Le Haim!



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