Top 10: Horrible Eyebrows


10. This straight arrow

Girls! Do you draw on your eyebrows? Okay, no problem. If you do it well, it can look nice. How do you apply your brow? Freehand, right? Oh, dear. You’re doing it all wrong! You need to invest in a spirit level and apply dead straight eyebrows. People might laugh at you, but they’re the future. This woman’s seen it coming. She’s at the forefront… Nah, only kidding! These babies are total FAILS

Her fashion sense is equal to my taste for Spatial Planning. Yet she is not guilty because he wanted to be different. But you would agree that it is best to stay the same.Sooner or later, you will not regret it, because you became an Internet sensation.Or best, make Selfie and see the reaction of people you will agree that some mode understand too seriously, because of the beauty usually cause a counter effect. Opinions differ, my opinion is that this girl is not right, we probably do not understand fashion. This girl has succeeded in intention, when you look at the other will understand what I’m saying.


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