Top 10: Electric Car Facts


10. Range Of Electric Car

Did you know that the average American’s daily round-trip commute is less than 30 miles? With many electric car having a range of more than 70 miles a charge, they are a reliable and comfortable way for Americans to get from point A to point B. For longer trips, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a back-up internal combustion engine may be a good alternative. Both help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Batteries can go dead just like gas tanks can go empty. This electric car facts has resulted in much range anxiety among prospective electric car buyers and in fact, has also contributed to the popularity of hybrid cars. But just like other batteries, car batteries can be recharged. It is generally recommended that electric cars be plugged in overnight for a full charge, but charging stations are beginning to be put into place that would allow an electric car to become charged in as few as 20 minutes, though there is concern the “quick charge” doesn’t last as long as an overnight charge.


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