Top 10: Best Kept Places In The World


10. Haven Co

HavenCo Limited is a data haven, data hosting services company, founded in 2000 to operate from Sealand, self-declared sovereign principality that occupies a man-made former World War II defensive facility originally known as Roughs Tower located approximately six miles from the coast of Suffolk, southeast England.

If you are looking for the ultimate data protection service, then try Haven Co, a company that was located somewhere in the North Sea about six miles off the coast of Britain, this location is a company base founded in 2000.

Their security protocol is so strict that the only way you can gain access aboard is if you are a member of the British Royal family, so this place qualify to be one of our best kept secret places in the world, one of the company’s investors or an authorized member of the staff. On a side note, I mentioned it was in the North Sea because the company allegedly closed down without any explanation in 2008.

The company announced that it had become operational in December 2000 and that its Acceptable Use Policy prohibited child pornography, spamming, and malicious hacking – but that all other content was acceptable. It claimed that it had no restrictions oncopyright or intellectual property for data hosted on its servers, arguing that as Sealand was not a member of the World Trade Organization or WIPO, international intellectual property law did not apply. Other services available from HavenCo at the time included IT consulting, systems administration, offshore software development, and electronic mail services. Later policies specified, “No pornography that would be considered illegal within the EU,” and “No infringement of copyright.”

Ryan Lackey left HavenCo under acrimonious circumstances in 2002, citing disagreements with the Bates family over management of the company. Lackey settled for $220,000 back from Bates family and left. The HavenCo website went offline in 2008.


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